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Don't move out, move up! Flat Roof Dormer Conversions

Flat Roof Dormer Construction

Flat Roof Dormers are a popular addition to bungalows because the second storey adds a significant amount of room at head height. An extension to the roof of a terraced house may be a sole option if the back garden or yard has insufficient space for a ground floor extension. In which case building upwards into an unused loft space will provide more room and increase property value. Terrace houses are unable to have the roof-line raised if loft height is too low. In larger houses, a dormer conversion can add a luxurious room with en suite and significantly increase a property's value. The additional head room at head height makes dormers ideal for use as a social space within larger houses, such as a living room, office or bedroom.

Flat roof dormers tend to give the maximum amount of additional internal space although they do not look as attractive from outside the property. Gable fronted and hipped roof dormers look much more atractive but they often do not give as much internal space and will cost more to build due the extra complexity.

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