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Don't move out, move up! Hip To Gable Conversions

Hip to Gable Conversion

A Hip To Gable loft conversion would only be an option available to you if your property is not mid-terrace and has an existing hip-end roof structure. This means that the side of your roof slopes inwards towards the roof ridge rather than being a vertical gable wall on the side of your house. A hip to gable style conversion would change the shape of the roof from being a hip-end to a gable-end, thereby extending the existing roof ridge and giving you a much larger loft area. This style of loft conversion is usually combined with either a dormer, mansard, or velux conversion to create a useable new floor in your home. Our designers would be pleased to discuss your individual requirements with you and establish which type of loft conversion would be most suitable for your home.

The Gable roof is one of the most popular choices when deciding a style of roof for your home. It has two roof surfaces of the same size, that are pitched at the same angle back to back, making a ridge at the top and forming a triangular roof. Its simple design makes it cheap and easy to build. It effectively sheds water, allows for good ventilation, and typically provides the most ceiling space.

The Gable roof is not ideal for high wind areas like the hip roof and is the most likely of roof types to suffer damage, usually with the end wall collapsing due to it not being properly braced. If this is the case with your home it is recommended that the necessary bracing be added to your end wall. If you are unclear as to if your home is at risk from severe winds, have a local building official inspect your roof framing. He can then tell you whether or not the bracing is adequate for your area, and if not, what should be done.

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