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Top Ten Things to Look For in a loft converter

Below is a list of ten things that you should be looking for in a loft converter. And yes, you will find them all in us.

top ten number Does the company have up-to-date insurance certification?
Yes we do! You can see it here .
top ten number Is the company accredited by any recognised, authoritative bodies?
Yes, we are a part of the Federation of Master Builders, so our work is guaranteed as standard for a minimum of 10 years.
top ten numberDid the company's representative ask questions and take notes during the visit?
We go through a comprehensive list of fact finding questions when we initially visit, to ensure we provide you with exactly what meets your requirements, at the correct price.
top ten numberDid the company follow-up with a written quote, proposing staged payments?
We always follow up with a written quote, you may also like to know that you can request a quote via our website, click here to fill out the form.
top ten numberIs the company's quote fully-comprehensive? Search for hidden costs.
We provide an impecable service, for great value with no hidden costs.
top ten numberCan the company supply genuine references of previous work?
Yes, have a look at our Testimonials page.
top ten numberCan the company provide photographic evidence of previous work?
You can view ours on our Gallery page.
top ten numberIs the company located at a fixed address and local landline phone numbers?
We are, you can view these details on our Contact page.
top ten numberDoes the company own a website? (Always check Google Places Reviews)
You are browsing ours now!
top ten numberDoes the company have set a health and safety policy, available upon request?
You can request our health and safety policy by sending an email to
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Flat Roof Dormer Construction by Top Deck Lofts in WareFlat Roof Dormer Construction by Top Deck Lofts in Ware